Why join CSCI?


By now you’ve heard that volunteer experience can allow you to develop your existing career skills and help you learn and practice new ones. Every NPO with career in their name offers to help with resumes, job search and references. But at CSCI, we want to do more than help you get a job. We aim to give you stepping stones to a successful career path.

Here’s how!


Master this increasingly vital job search skill and have a blast while doing it. Did you hear? One of CSCI’s primary values is FUN. Share resources, tips, tricks and ideas with other CSCI volunteers and gain access to one of Toronto’s main hubs for innovation and social enterprise at our home in the Centre for Social Innovation. With lots of events and opportunities to expand your circles, it’s almost impossible not to become a bit of a networking whiz while volunteering with us!


It’s a myth that some people are just efficient and others aren’t. Productivity and time efficiency are soft skills that can be learned and mastered through practice. With lots of guidance and feedback along the way, a volunteer stint with CSCI maybe the shot in the arm you need to start achieving those career goals you keep daydreaming about. One option for goal setting and keeping is mentorship. And our new mentor matching webapp, MENTEER can find you own personal career-focused Yoda. Successful, you will become!

Entrepreneurial Control

Don’t think you’ll just fade away into the organization as just another volunteer. Our mostly flat organizational structure means that every CSCI member has a part to play in driving our funky little band of do-gooders forwards. Find what matters to you and make some noise about it. Climb as high as you like,  we will be holding your rope.

Mental Health

Un(der)employment and job hunting can feel like a never-ending avalanche of rejection. That beats a body dooown, beats a mind down too. You start thinking, “what’s the use? I’ll never get a job in my field”. We have good news! You can! And you’re not alone!

Just being around like-minded each on their own path to a more fulfilling career works like a charm for the jobhunt blues. And who knows, if you still can’t find that perfect job, you might just learn how to create it! What better way to validate your effort and overall awesomeness?