It's About Us

Hi and welcome to the Career Skills Incubator (CSCI) blog! Ever since we moved to our new website, it's been slow going to get the blog active again. I'm excited to write the inaugural post to kick things off. 

I titled this post 'It's About Us' because it captures, in a nutshell, my view of why CSCI exists. Our mission is to 'empower the un(der)employed to develop skills for their dream careers'. We do that on two levels. First, we push ourselves individually as volunteers, workshop participants, and so forth to grow our skills and earn relevant experience that'll land us that dream job. Secondly, and just as important, we support one another as a group on a common journey toward career fulfilment. So, really, it's both about us as individuals and us as a community; two sides of the same nickel.

This brings me to our goal for this blog: to engage our followers and members on a whole new level. I want this blog to serve as a touchpoint for dialogue, debate, and the exchange of ideas. My hope is that you find content on here that inspires you and makes you rethink old paradigms. And I'm also optimistic that it will maybe inspire you to stop by a weekly hang-out, or attend an upcoming workshop. Everyone is welcome!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for new posts by our blogging team. Meantime, happy career hunting :)

Jim Wielgosz

Executive Director, CSCI




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