Becoming a CSCI member is easy!

CSCI volunteers (or 'members') enjoy working on all sorts of projects, from individual marketing pieces to major grant applications and project implementation! Just fill out the form at the link below and we'll be in touch about any current opportunities: 

Here are some examples of areas that CSCI members are currently involved in: 

Mentorship Program

Overseeing and helping to market and promote our tool to external clients. 


Budgeting, accounting, expense reports and everything in between! Our current Finance team lead is a Certified General Accountant.

Strategic Partnerships

Develop partnerships with organizations and collaborate on events, grant writing, building mentorship programs, promotions, and more.


Keeping our website running smoothly and updated with fresh, interesting content.

Marketing & Communications

Developing collateral for marketing campaigns, promoting CSCI products and events, creating pretty infographics and funny memes.

Fund Development / Grants

Money, money, money! We need it to pay our bills and do more amazing things. This team is involved in soliciting donations, dreaming up new grant ideas, and identifying new income streams. 

Workshops & Events

Planning and delivering workshops, representing CSCI at public events, coming up with innovative event ideas for CSCI to increase its public profile.


Yes, CSCI has a Chief Happiness Officer! We're big on making people smile and increasing the happy factor of our volunteers and everyone whom we meet.

Human Resources

As we grow up we need to make sure we’re creating a supportive, productive environment for our staff and volunteers.

We Are (Always) Looking for Mentors

Do you want to give back to the community, are there mistakes and advice you wish you could pass onto to someone else? Our mentorship program connects people looking advice and guidance (often career related but not always) with mentors who want to give back. We have found that mentorship significantly improves the job hunting/transition experience and provides huge benefits to both the mentor and mentee in terms of leadership development and confidence building. Even more amazing, anyone at any age and in any industry can be a mentor, the one thing all our mentors have in common is simply a willingness to listen and the bravery to offer direction. We consider mentorship the foundation of the Career Skills Incubator and are committed to nurturing this program.

We provide mentors with training and work with them to fit their schedule and time they are willing to offer to the program. Mentors have found the experience not only a powerful way to give back to the community but an opportunity for personal development as well.

If you are interested in joining our 100+ community of mentors please sign up at