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  • Career Buzz Radio — Podcast Show Discussing Job Search, Career Transition, Professional Training and Resources,” Is your career in transition? Are you searching for a job?  Are you frustrated, or feeling helpless? Well, the Career Buzz Radio show provides the latest resources, knowledge and attitude to help you find your position and end up happy!, UpdatedJanuary 25, 2015,
  • Connect Nonprofit Jobs Connect Nonprofit Jobs is Ontario’s province-wide site connecting job seekers with paid nonprofit positions., Connect Nonprofit Jobs, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Development Impact and You, Practical tools to trigger & support social innovation, Development Impact and You, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Futurpreneur Canada, Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing our economy one entrepreneur at a time. Can we help you start a business?, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Are Unpaid Internships Legal in Ontario?, This is a document containing information about unpaid internships in Ontario., Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Happen, HAPPEN’s mandate is to reduce the time required for mid- to senior level managers and executivesin career transition to regain employment and provide members with the tools to manage their careers., HAPPEN, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Magnet, Individuals. Receive personalized opportunities that match your skills and interests.  Employers. Connect with individuals based on their skills, experience, and interests.  Partner with us. Join our growing network and gain access to real-time local labour market information., Magnet Today,  Updated: January 26, 2015,
  • Miziwe Biik, Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training was created in 1991 to meet the unique training and employment needs of aboriginal peoples, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Peters New Jobs, Most jobs we find never appear on job boards.  You get them fast, usually within 24 hours of them being posted.  We deliver all of this and more!, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Quote of the Day on Twitter, Inspiring quotations in this Twiiter page, accessed January 25, 2015,
  • Raise Your Flag: Start an Awesome Career without a Degree or Diploma and Find Companies Who Hire People Just like You., Raise Your Flag helps young people connect with companies who offer entry-level jobs that don’t require a degree or diploma., Raise Your Flag, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Student Jobs, Internships, Summer Jobs | TalentEgg, Student jobs and new grad jobs site for Canadian students and new graduates seeking internships, entry level jobs & summer jobs in Canada., Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Studio Y Fellowship, Each year, Studio Y invites about 25 young people to the MaRS Discovery District for an 8-month intensive learning experience. During the Fellowship, Studio Y supports program participants with a $20,000 stipend., MaRS, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • The RBC Career LaunchTM Program, Looking for a valuable first career experience? Get the skills and experience you need to kick-start your career #RBCCareerLaunch, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Tradeability, is a virtual Employment Ontario resource centre focused on the skilled trades and apprenticeship program, Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Training and Career Worker InformationTraining / Learning Explore Your Training Options. Career Exploration Identify and Research Your Career Opportunities., accessed January 25, 2015,
  • Canada Employment Weekly, Each week, our publication brings you thousands of new jobs across Canada in over 80 occupations., Updated January 25, 2015,
  • Career/LifeSkills Resources, Specializing in Tools for Personal, Professional, and Organizational Growth Featuring: The MajorsPTI (Personality Type Inventory), Personality Dimensions, the Leadership Development Report, the MajorsOEM, the Employee Screening Questionnaire, the Career Directions Inventory, the COPSystem, and the Career Exploration Inventory as Well as an Extensive Range of Professional Training Programs and Workshops and a Complete Range of Specially Selected Print and Assessment Resources., Career/LifeSkills Resources, Specializing in tools for personal, professional, and organizational growth, Updated January 26, 2015,
  • Employment & Social Services – Services – Living In Toronto | City of Toronto, Employment and Social Services provides employment supports, financial benefits and social supports to people living in Toronto., Updated January 26, 2015,
  • Megan McArdle on the Coming Burst of the College Bubble,, Newsweek, (September 9, 2012),
  • Mentoring Resources, To help you understand how mentoring works for different stakeholders,, Allies Canada, Updated January 26, 2015,
  • Ontario Council of Alternative Businesses, OCAB is an organization that advocates for employment opportunities for psychiatric consumer/survivors and emphasizes the importance of work in the lives of people who have been marginalized by poverty and mental health issues., Updated January 26, 2015,
  • PAYE,”The Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE) is a joint initiative between private sector employers and the City of Toronto., Updated January 26, 2015,
  • Peer Resources – Peer, Mentor, and Coach Resources, The Primary Source for Peer, Mentor, and Coach Resources, Updated January 26, 2015,
  • Toronto Employment Services Portal, Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS) is pleased to introduce our Employment Centre (EC) Portal, the first phase of an on-line TESS Employment Centre., Updated January 26, 2015,
  •  Employment Ontario, I need a job.-This is the official Government of Ontario web portal for Employment Ontario., Updated January 27, 2015,
  • Skills Ontario, We work hard to inspire youth across Ontario to explore their career options each year, Updated January 27, 2015,
  • Toronto Employment Directory – Job Fairs & Events, FREE List of THOUSANDS of Employment Agencies in Toronto, The Toronto Employment Directory, Upadted January 27, 2015,
  • Youth Employment Services YES, YES believes that employment is empowerment and the cornerstone of safe and healthy communities., Updated  January 27, 2015,
  • Youth Engagement – Plan Canada, There are many great ways for youth to get involved in Plan Canada’s work to improve the lives of children around the world. Check out how you can take action and help end the cycle of poverty, Updated, January 27, 2015,
  • Blueprint Quiz – Blueprint for Life Welcome to the Blueprint career management quiz . Accessed: 25/05/27
  • Personal Mission Statement Examples You have a purpose in life. You know in your heart what’s most important to you. In fact, your mission and values are expressed every day, by how you live–you just may not realize it. We’re here to help you find the right words to put that mission down on paper. Accessed: 2015/05/27/13:58:57
  • iMentor iMentor builds mentoring relationships that empower students from low-income communities to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:09:32
  • Youth Engagement – Plan Canada There are many great ways for youth to get involved in Plan Canada’s work to improve the lives of children around the world. Check out how you can take action and help end the cycle of poverty. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:12:18
  • How to make a difference with your career – 80,000 Hours We started 80,000 Hours because we weren’t sure what to do with our own careers, and existing advice couldn’t answer our biggest questions. Since then we’ve been on a mission to create the world’s best advice on how to choose a meaningful, high-impact career. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:16:05
  • The Mentoring Partnership » The Mentoring Partnership is a collaboration of employer and service delivery partners, and operates as a program of TRIEC. The Mentoring Partnership manages the program and supports the efforts of employer partners and service delivery partner organizations to develop effective mentoring relationships. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:19:49
  • Skills for Change Skills for Change is known for pioneering programs that respond to shifting immigration and workplace trends and lead to employment. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:22:14
  • Career Path Guidance We all need a little career path guidance from time to time. Muse U is your go-to source for all your career guidance questions, career path planning, and career advancement classes. Get the help you need, when you need it. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:27:41
  • Udacity A list of computer courses which are available to download or online. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:29:22
  • Downloads – Udacity No Abstract available. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:31:36
  • Library Items – MaRS The MaRS Library contains articles, templates, reports, workbooks, reference guides and videos covering a range of topics, including accounting, funding, governance, intellectual property, leadership, legal issues, marketing, product management, selling, social innovation, strategy and talent. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:32:29
  • Doing Good Work | Working Centre An article which provides some background about our approach to work Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:34:13
  • Toronto Business Development Centre: Business Incubation TBDC’s Business Incubation Program supports the growth of new and emerging businesses by providing access to a range of key resources such as business advisory support and participation in community of successful entrepreneurs. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:39:01
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence OCE accelerates innovation through game-changing research leading to successful commercialization and vibrant collaboration between industry and academia helping to launch the next generation of products and jobs. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:41:11
  • Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund YSI is an impact investing fund that supports young entrepreneurs and their solutions to our world’s biggest problems. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:46:59
  • Social Capital Partners: SCP’s approach to driving large-scale systems change combines collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, and action-based learning. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:49:40
  • Legal Help for Non-profits – Law Help Ontario Does your non-profit organization need help incorporating or applying for charitable status? Dealing with employment law issues or contracts? Other business law issues? Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:52:39
  • McCarthy Tétrault – Community & Pro Bono Work McCarthy Tétrault provides pro bono services to the community in areas as diverse as civil liberties, human rights, and financial, business, labour and employment law. Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:55:34
  • Take us on a test drive! | Centre for Social Innovation Are you a social entrepreneur or innovator? CSI is a coworking space, community and launchpad for people and organizations who are changing the world. Come try us out for a day and work at one of our coworking locations for free, Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm. Internet, coffee & tea, and community included! Accessed: 2015/05/27/14:58:44
  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Toronto Startup Ecosystem StartupNorth This is a my view of the players and contributors in the Toronto Startup Ecosystem. It is not a comprehensive list. It’s designed to be an overview. If you want more detail, seek it out. Accessed: 2015/05/27/15:02:34
  • Futurpreneur Resources Well written original conent on business issues with a traget audience on ypung people. Accessed: 2015/05/27/15:08:32

Resources Valuable For Career Search, Mentoring, Etc.

Centre for Social Innovation’s job page:


Neuvoo is a free Canadian job search engine with nearly 100,000 indexed jobs


The Edupunk’s Guide – doing things a bit differently


“Is college a lousy investment?” article


Mentorship resources from Allies, a Maytree idea


Many mentoring resources


Partnership to advance youth employment info sessions


Toronto Employment & Social Services


Employee value proposition – top 100 employers


Quality Resources for Career/Work Counsellors & Human Resource Professionals


Employment opportunities for psychiatric consumer/survivors and those affected by poverty and mental health issues


Toronto employment directory – job fairs & events


Youth in motion


Employment Ontario has services right across Ontario that can help


Youth Employment Services YES


Career Resources-Skills Canada – Ontario


Toronto Jobs FB Page


City of Toronto: Employment and Social Services




Article: College Graduates, Dropouts Now Account For A Majority Of Jobless 25+


Article: 20 Seconds of Career Courage


Employment and Career Events


Job Skills


Good and you


PAYE – Partnership to Advance Youth Employment


Career Club Meetups near Toronto, Ontario


Job Finding Club (JFC) | Career Planning Service (CaPS) – McGill University


What is a Job Club?


Nonprofit Events – Capacity Waterloo Region


Finding a job – Service Canada


Course Catalog for Free Online Classes – Udacity


Mentor Network


Job Start


Career Counselling

Provides a “blue print” for your life and career


Personal mission statement builder


Massive open online social impact


How can we equip young people with the skills, information and opportunities to succeed in the world of work?


Mentor/Partnership sign-up


Youth in Motion

Youth in Motion Green career resource guide


80,000 hours


Firm in Toronto that provides services for a cost, but a free call-in workshop to start off

Services Targeted At Recent Immigrant Job Seekers


Another great mentoring program


Workshops for recent immigrant professionals in Toronto


Youths Assisting Youth


Online Courses


The Muse has many resources, including online courses specific to the career search:


Several downloads for teach yourself courses


Resources Valuable For Funding, Non-Profit, Operation


Resources and tools to start or grow a business


A great resource for an organization that has a policy for social equity across workers at the organization


TBDC’s Business Incubation Program supports the growth of new and emerging businesses by providing access to a range of key resources such as business advisory support and participation in community of successful entrepreneurs.


Advisory Services


Regional contacts


Social Enterprise Competition for Durham


Youth social innovation capital fund


Connects the dots between private and not-for-profit sectors


Free lawyer help


Pro bono lawyer


CSI Hot desk for a day


Pro bono lawyer


Hitchhiker’s guide to Toronto start-up ecosystem


Toronto Enterprise Fund


Business Resource Centre


Prepaid legal services


Legal plans


Types of insurance coverage for small businesses


Featured online services!ut/p/c4/FcsxDoAwCAXQG_Xvbp5C60ZNg6QUiFbPr-bNDxs-Ro8wDXEjxYocxFXF2uRXSeHnIE1xF5U9Hd4rlj8pGSNXQ_Q-v3Ed41k!/


Board structure strategy–board-structure-strategy_2698


Starting a Nonprofit Community Organization


Meals on wheels business plan strategy sample


Sample business plan


Government funding (grants and loans) for Canadian businesses


Legally incorporating your social venture


Explore Government Funding Options with your Professional Business Plan


Business resources for starting a business


Board of directors checklist


Start up information for non-profits


Charity startup toolbox


Compliance and contracts


Legal Considerations– Registered Charities


Pro bono work for charities and non-profits


Transform your ideas for social change into reality


Nonprofit Legal Risk Management


Setting up a Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual


Free CRM is a web based software solution for customer relationship management and sales force automation


Attract, Retain and Delight More Customers. Grow Your Business Now With Zoho CRM.


It’s a start competition in Italy


Vision Statement Includes Values and Ideals


You can send 12,000 emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers with MailChimp’s Forever Free plan


Job house


Helping with accounting, invoicing, and payroll


Restructure consulting


ISC – Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws


Create / Maintain a Not-for-profit Corporation – Corporations Canada


Next Step Following Incorporation – Corporations Canada


Apply to Ryerson Angel Network


Legal Structures: Charities, Non-profits and Co-operatives | Your Guide to Social Finance


Social Capital Partners


Become a Member at CSI! | Centre for Social Innovation




MaRS White paper series


Organizational Analysis | Stanford Online


For Entrepreneurs

Canadian government grants and funding services and search engine


 Job gym


Consultation & Advocacy – Operate & Grow Your Business


Workshops & Grants | Enterprising Non Profits


Social finance – entrepreneurs matter right now article


Introduction | Your Guide to Social Finance


Women Entrepreneurs: Resources for Women in Business & Networking Organizations


STARTOFF hamilton — Innovation Factory


Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise – Ontario Trillium Foundation


Assessment Criteria – Ontario Trillium Foundation


Subsidies and Hiring Incentive Programs in Ontario | The Greater Toronto Area Job Bank–+Postal+Code+not+Found+%5BDefaults+to+National+Average%5D&isedit=&jobcode=LE11000016&jobtitle=Environmental+Compliance+Specialist&narrowdesc=&narrowcode=EN02&jobcodeedit=&altername=




ENTERPRISE TORONTO – Enterprise Toronto Locations


Start-Up Launchpad – Davis Brown Law Firm – legal services for startups


Learn anything


Services — Social Capital Partners


In2Win book


Born to Learn ~ You are Born to Learn


Consultation & Advocacy – Operate & Grow Your Business




Financing from non-government organizations – Canada Business Network


More Entrepreneurship


Non-profit definition


Youth Business Center