Career Skills Incubator is dynamic, we’re always changing what we do to better suit the needs of our members (by the way, everyone who partakes in our activities is considered a member). The following are activities we run on a regular basis:


CSCI prides itself in going the extra mile to create relevant volunteer positions for interested people.

Whether you want experience in filmmaking, marketing, grant writing, management, or something else altogether, we’ll try to create something that gives you relevant experience you can put on your resume.

However, we can’t do all the work. The more unique your position, the more you’ll have to put in to make it successful. To learn more about joining CSCI, click here.


Our mentorship program is unique – we match people up based on skills, mentorship style, and encourage mentees to mentor others as well!

Our mentorship isn’t just about chats over coffee (although that does happen!), we’re about setting goals and supporting you to achieve them.  Sign up at !

We also provide mentorship program consulting and support services if your organization is starting a mentorship program, and can customize the tool.


CSCI members are empowered to identify their needs and create meet-ups around those needs.

Whether informally gathering in the library or a cafe to learn a new coding language, or hanging out at the CSCI office to work on projects or job applications, or bounce ideas off one another if you want to start a new business.  CSCI creates a community of productivity and positive vibes.